A Detailed Online Pokies Guide

Pokies, or slots as most people call it, are the most common type of game available on the lobby of most online casinos. The history of the game dates back to the late 1700s when it was limited to only physical casinos. However, with the introduction of the internet as well as other technological advancements, there are now several kinds of online pokies that you can play online. This article will explain how online pokies work. Visit https://www.newzealand-online-casino.xyz for online casino reviews.

Getting Familiar with Online Pokies Structure

The structure or layout of online pokies is the same regardless of the type. There is always a grid which is the playing area of the game. The symbols used in the game appear on this grid, and the spinning action of the game also takes place here. The design of the grid is usually in a row and column form, and the background may differ based on the theme of the game. Some pokies may come with a 5x3 grid while others can be 7x5 grid.

The symbols that appear on the grid of an online pokie also vary from one game to the other. These symbols are icons that are often associated with the theme of the game. For example, if you are playing an animal-themed pokie, you may find icons of tiger, chicks, goats and so on the game's grid. Each symbol has a value of their own which also determines the amount you can win if they form part of the winning combination on a payline.

A payline in pokie refers to a pattern specified on the grid of the game where you need to land the right symbol combination for you to win. The number of paylines of a game also differs from each other. For example, a pokie can have 10 paylines, while others may have 10,000 paylines (Megaways). Besides that, payline can be variable or fixed. A variable payline can be adjusted, which means that you can select which lines you want to activate in the game, but you can't in fixed paylines.

Bonus Features and Paytable of Online Pokie

Game developers often include different kinds of bonus features in their online pokies. These bonus features can help players to win more money in the game when triggered. Usually, the bonus features are associated with specific symbols often referred to as special symbols. Examples of such special symbols are the scatter and wild symbols. If you want to know the bonus features available in a slot game, simply check the game's information menu. Below are some of the common online pokie bonus features.

  • Free spins
  • Sticky Wilds
  • Wild Re-spin
  • Multipliers

In most online pokies, players can only win when they land a minimum of 3 same symbols on a particular payline. The amount they win in the game is based on the amount wagered as well as the value of the symbols. To place a bet on online pokie game, all you are required to do is specify the amount in the bet size field. However, have it in mind that there is always a minimum as well as maximum bet size allowed.